Open Source Projects

I've worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I'm most proud of. Many of them are open-source, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

Laravel Arch

Define your application structure using a declarative approach, produce the necessary code automatically, and start right away.

Laravel JSON:API

A software utility for building REST APIs in line with the JSON:API specification, leveraging the Laravel framework.

Laravel JSON-RPC

A descriptive interface designed to create RPC servers adhering to the JSON-RPC specification, using Laravel.

Laravel OpenRPC

A package that helps you build data objects according to the OpenRPC Specification, using Laravel Data.

Laravel Themis

An implementation of access control for Laravel, featuring robust role and permission management.

Laravel Zeus

An API token manager with support for prefix and ability scoping, designed to work seamlessly with Laravel.

Laravel Hestia

A teams system, built on the Laravel platform, crafted to provide a straightforward method for integrating teams into your application.

Laravel Lighty

An aesthetically pleasing syntax highlighter for Laravel, featuring a elegant syntax, and backed by Shiki.

Laravel Lighty API

A user-friendly JSON:API for Laravel Lighty, offering customizable languages and themes along with caching features.

Geoly API

A Laravel-based REST API designed for handling location data, boasting a JSON:API specification compliant interface.

Livewire Calendar

A tool for constructing interactive calendars using Livewire and Laravel, complete with functionality for drag and drop.


A pixel-perfect, retina-ready solution that provides fast, consistent performance, hackable customization, and no tracking.


Bearmint is a Blockchain Framework built on Tendermint, facilitating application lifecycle via its Blockchain Interface.