Hey, I’m Brian Faust

I'm on a mission to turn complex code into user-friendly experiences, one line at a time to make developers more productive and more excited about their daily work.
API DesignJSON-RPCError ManagementData StructuringFeature Integration

Blending JSON-RPC with JSON:API for Enhanced APIs

Exploring the integration of the best elements from JSON:API and JSON-RPC into a unified, user-friendly specification.
CodingStatic AnalysisPHPStanLarastanSoftware Development

Static Analysis in Long-Term Projects

Discover how tools like PHPStan and Larastan can revolutionize your long-term projects by catching bugs early, ensuring code quality, and saving time and resources.
Software DevelopmentLegacy SystemsRefactoringStrangler PatternParallel Rewrite

Thinking Outside The Monolith

Exploring why refactoring a legacy monolith isn't always the best choice and how strategies like the strangler pattern and parallel rewrites can offer more practical solutions.
Team DynamicsSoftware EngineeringProject ManagementProfessional Growth

The Secret Sauce of Successful Teams

Dive into why knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses is not just HR jargon, but the key to unlocking true potential in software projects.
CodingBest PracticesSoftware DevelopmentTeam Collaboration

Coding Standards in Long-Term Projects

Discover why coding standards are crucial for the success of long-term projects, and why they're more than just a visual gimmick.
APIsRESTJSON-RPCSoftware DevelopmentTech Insights

REST versus RPC - Which To Choose?

Delving into why REST APIs aren't the one-size-fits-all solution for every software scenario, and exploring how JSON-RPC could be the action hero your project needs.
MicroservicesOrganizational StrategyTechnologyAgile DevelopmentLegacy Systems

Microservices Are More Than Just A Tech Fix

Discover what microservices are and their actual benefits; they address complex organizational challenges by promoting flexibility, scalability, and efficient communication.
LaravelPackagesConfigurationFacadesService Providers

Building Configurable Laravel Packages

Lets take a look at how we can create configurable packages for Laravel and how we can make the configuration easily accessible to the end-user for maximum flexibility.