I’m Brian Faust.

Hello, I'm Brian, a self-taught senior software engineer with a current focus on developer experience and tooling. I'm an ardent supporter of open-source and have contributed to this field with several useful applications and packages, including zai, badge.sh, Lighty, Lighty API, Geoly, along with a host of Laravel packages to help ease routine tasks.

Over the majority of my career, I've offered my skills as a freelance software engineer and consultant, collaborating with a variety of clients worldwide. My role often involves revitalizing departments, products, and teams, devising API strategies, and advising companies on their technical strategy.

I am a firm believer in learning by doing. Since commencing my journey nearly 20 years ago, I've ventured into numerous areas: APIs, databases, websites, web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, low-level programming, command-line interfaces, scraping, microservices, browser extensions, blockchain—the list goes on. While there are numerous methodologies to software development, this hands-on approach aligns perfectly with my personality. Conversely, I tend to struggle when it comes to learning new technologies through tutorials or videos.