I’m Brian Faust.

I'm on a mission to turn complex code into user-friendly experiences, one line at a time to make developers more productive and more excited about their daily work.
Brian Faust

Hello! I'm Brian, a seasoned and self-taught senior software engineer, deeply committed to improving developer experiences and tooling. My journey in open-source has led to the creation of valuable tools and packages, all aimed at streamlining and enhancing developer workflows and processes to make developers more productive.

In my long-lasting career, I've excelled as a freelance software engineer, independent contributor and consultant, working with a wide range of clients across the globe. My role often involves rejuvenating departments, products, and teams, developing effective API strategies, and providing strategic technical guidance to companies.

A core aspect of my approach is pragmatic decision-making. I prioritize choosing the right tools for the job, ensuring that solutions are not just trendy but truly appropriate and effective. This practical mindset is crucial for a senior software engineer, as it leads to sustainable and efficient problem-solving.

My 20-year journey in the tech industry has been enriched by a hands-on learning style. This method has allowed me to explore diverse areas including APIs, databases, websites, web applications, desktop and mobile apps, low-level programming, command-line interfaces, scraping, microservices, browser extensions, and blockchain.

My experience has taught me that there's a multitude of ways to approach software development, and practical, real-world application aligns best with my learning style. While I value this approach, I also recognize the importance of tutorials and videos for a well-rounded understanding of new technologies. This balanced perspective is key to my ongoing growth and adaptability in the dynamic field of software engineering.